Nigeria 62nd Independence Day Celebration 2022

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The Nigerian Canadian Association of New Brunswick hosted the second edition of its annual 

Independence Day celebration. The event was scheduled for October 1st, 2022, with the theme: “Upholding the dreams of our heroes past.” 

The celebration marks Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from British rule on 1 October 1960. The country received its Freedom Charter from Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Queen’s representative at the Nigerian independence ceremony. The festivities begin with the President’s address to the people, the first of which was presented by the then Prime minister Abubakar Tafabalewa, after which celebrations across all sectors in Nigeria, including the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigeria Police Force, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the workforce, and national education services. 

NCANB organized this event to celebrate, educate and appreciate the origin, diversity, and strengthen our culture, upholding our heroes’ dreams and extending those strong values into our new environment through integration, human developmental commitment, and community capacity improvement.

Nigerian flag symbolizes natural wealth and peace, whilst the Coat of Arms signifies dignity, fertile soil, strength, and national flower. Hence, NCANB intends to continuously use our professional skills, entrepreneurial tenacity, and knowledge to develop New Brunswick through collaboration with the government, organizations, and leaders at all levels.

At the event, our guests had a feel of Nigerian attire, enjoyed delicious Nigerian delicacies, music, and connected with other members of the community; black and minority associations, Canadians, Indigenous, and First Nation people.


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