Frequently Asked Questions

NCANB promotes the image and cultural values of Nigeria and Canada by encouraging socio-economic, cultural integration, and development of the Nigerian-Canadian Association of New Brunswick.

There are many ways you can help to support our community with the items you don’t need. This is a unique community-based initiative created by NCANB. It allows members and Non-members to donate new or fairly used items (clothes, bicycles, toys, tools) to a family that will put them to good use and keeps their useful life is extended.

There are many nigerian-canadian members who have been here for years. What you need is to sign up and get connected and ask them question. They are lovely and ready to assist you. Also, you can talk to us anytime about any issue on contact us page.

Yes, for Nigerians in Diaspora, you can apply for passport renewal before the expiration of your passport or 1 year validity period.

Yes, you need to fill the google doc. This process will allow the Passport committiee plan well and put necessary covid-19 safety rules in place for every participants

The capturing will be done once we get a confirmation from Nigeria High Commission and yes, you can choose a convienient time for the capturing once the time slots are openned. The schedule will be based on availaiility and first come first serve basis.

The government has not rolled out the 10 years validty yet here in canada. More updates will be provided once it is time for the rollout

Yes, there have been several updates via emails, our social media platforms and through the whatsapp forum.

The benefits are numerous ranging but not limited to

a. We provide a platform for partnership with the Government and promote Business development opportunities for all
Nigerians in different sectors of the economy
b. The opportunity to form a good relationship with Nigerian High Commission to ensure full representation and support services
like passport renewal are done in the province
c. Creating channels to information, awareness and access to available welfare benefits for students and
d. Creating a great commuinity to raise family and do business by uniting all Nigerians all over New Brunswick

Yes, we are opening the membership to all for free for the year 2024.

History of Nigeria

Nigeria is located on the western coast of Africa. Before the colonial era, the peoples of Nigeria lived in hunting, fishing and farming societies. In the 15th century, the Portuguese were the first white people to arrive in Nigeria, before the arrival of the British. The people of Benin began to trade with the Portuguese, selling slaves, buying spices and firearms, and learning the art of writing and the Christian religion…read more