NCANB Passport Intervention Program

The executives of the NCANB have again engaged the Nigeria High Commission Ottawa to render passport issuance/renewal services in New Brunswick this summer. This service is primarily for Nigerians living in New Brunswick and their families that are interested and deemed to be members of NCANB.

As much as participation in this exercise is optional, applicants have the choice to have their passports issued or renewed at the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa.
NCANB is only facilitating the passport intervention exercise; hence, all inquiries should be directed to the Passport committee or the NCANB executives.

It has been estimated that this intervention can save our community a very huge cost associated with renewing expired passports . This includes all associated costs of traveling to Ottawa to obtain a Nigerian passport.
To this end, NCANB can deliver our programs at cost-effective rates to participants mostly from the precious time contributions of our dedicated volunteers, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude

  • Location
    All appointments for data, biometrics, fingerprint capture and meeting with embassy officials will take place at a location in Fredericton, New Brunswick to be communicated at a later date.
  • The Fees
    In addition to the fees payable on the Nigerian High Commission portal, the following fees shall apply:
    $150 flat fee per applicant (i.e: A member with a family of 5 would pay $750. From our estimates same family traveling to Ottawa would have costs of about $2,500)
    This money is payable to NCANB interac email address
  • Important Dates
    July 13th, 2021: Registration and submission of completed application to NCANB designated locations in Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton closes at midnight ADT
    You will receive a link via email to schedule an appointment once a completed application has been received and payment to NCANB account is verified. Appointment link will be sent out to the email addresses provided during the registration process. Please do not contact us for the appointment schedule link before July 15th.

    July 29th – 31st: Appointments with embassy officials to complete the process and have biometrics taken. This is strictly based on the embassy officials being able to travel to New Brunswick, and appointments to be scheduled once documents have been vetted by the embassy and a green light has been given. You will receive another appointment date for this meeting.

To participate in this program, please take the following time-sensitive actions

STEP 1: Review the Passport Application Procedure using the following link:

STEP 2: Complete the online application process and pay the required consular fees to the Nigerian High Commission using the link

STEP 3: Take out a money order as required for the Government Administrative Fees. See
NB: Money order will be collected by NHC Ottawa officers during biometrics capturing.

STEP 4: Pay administration fees per applicant to the NCANB association bank account via email money transfer to stating the name(s) for whom payment is for thus a flat fee of $150 per applicant will be charged. If you are paying for more than one application, kindly include the name of each person on the transaction description. e.g “PP intervention for: Ade Ojo, Emeka Ike”

STEP 5: Complete the NCANB registration after payment has been made. Form must be complete for each applicant before bringing the documents for collection.
NB: One registration is required per applicant, if applying as a family, submit one for each member of the family

STEP 6: Document collection, kindly drop off completed application package at the provided locations within the three major cities, collection period is between 10 am to 6 pm from July 9th to July 13th

Application document drop off centers:

MONCTON: Folar Automobiles, 160A Millennium Boulevard, Moncton, NB E1E 2G8
SAINT JOHN: 701, High meadow Drive, Saint John, NB E2J 3X3
FREDERICTON: Divine African Market, Unit 4, 138, Dundonald Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 6Y5

A designated representative(s) of NCANB or volunteer(s) will be at the venue to collect the documents.
Potential applicants living outside the three major cities can also post their documents to the closest of the three designated centres. This should be addressed to:
Attention: NCANB Passport Intervention Programme

We will collect the following documents and send them to Ottawa by courier:

  • Copy of online passport application form
  • Copy of payment slip print out upon completion of form online
  • Copy of acknowledgment slip print out
  • All other documents required for your application.
  • 2 passport photos with white background
  • A copy of expired or soon to be replaced Nigeria passport datapage

STEP 7: Data and fingerprint capture date is being planned for the last weekend in July 2021 subject to NHC Officials schedule.
Once we receive your payment and documents, you will receive a link to schedule your appointment for photo and fingerprint capture with the embassy officials coming to New Brunswick. The average production cycle for renewals is five weeks; if you require a change of name, it may take up to sixteen weeks. If you have travel plans, please plan accordingly.

NOTE please:
• All passport applicants are required to be physically present on the appointment date and venue specified by the Association.
• COVID-19 protocol: All passport applicants must wear their masks, use sanitizers to be provided at the venue, and maintain social distance inside the venue. Please do not show up to the venue if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms and everyone must only enter the venue only at the time scheduled for their appointment.

NCANB can deliver our programs at cost-effective rates to participants mostly from the precious time contributions of our dedicated volunteers. We will need volunteers for all the days that we will execute this program, please. Email to let us know if you are available.
One of the drivers for embarking on this initiative is to provide support to Nigerians in New Brunswick and save people the stress and cost incurred traveling to Ottawa with their families to obtain passports.
Thank you,

For the President
Nigerian Canadian Association of New Brunswick