Electoral Committee Members Profile & 2023 NCANB Election Timetable

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Olugbenga Saseun

Over 10 years cumulative experience in finance, risk & investment management, and IT. Canadian Permanent Resident and lives in Moncton, NB. Hobbies include traveling, adventures, and reading charts.


Ayotola O. Jinadu

A software engineer with over 9 years’ experience across the banking, medical and fintech space. Canadian Permanent Resident and lives in Moncton, NB, Hobbies include traveling, volleyball, football.



Adekunle Quadri Adeyemi

As a Cybersecurity Specialist with a fervor for safeguarding digital landscapes, he has dedicated his professional journey to fortifying online environments against threats. Beyond professional endeavors, he finds immense fulfillment in volunteering and aiding others, aligning with his passion for helping people in various capacities. Embracing the art of photography, he explores and capture moments that reflect the beauty and diversity of the world around us. His multifaceted pursuits in cybersecurity, altruism, and photography converge to form a dynamic mosaic that fuels his enthusiasm for both technical fortification and creative expression. He is based in Fredericton.


Dr. Bakare Ummukulthoum

She is a healthcare practitioner of over two decades in experience in the field of clinical physiotherapy and management. Her area of specialty is sports and orthopedic physiotherapy with a PhD in Injury Prevention in Women’s Football. She is passionate about community development and the advancement of sports in general especially for disabled athletes on the African continent. She enjoys volunteering, mentoring and community service. She is an associate editor for the British Journal of Sports Medicine and a member of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the Nigeria Olympic Committee.  She was the vice president of the West African Students Union and the Public Relation Officer of the Postgraduate Association at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. She had also served as the National Public Relations officer for the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy and as an elected board member of the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy. Her hobbies include travelling, photography, literary writing, poetry, playing and watching soccer and basketball. She is based in Saint John.

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